Chartered Financial Analysts (CFAs)


CFAs have a unique perspective, because they often manage other peoples money but are too busy to plan or manage their own finances. Also, there can be numerous constraints placed on their time and investment options, requiring an objective, professional third party perspective to help them achieve their financial goals and manage risk.

Our unique value proposition provides CFAs help only the areas they need financial help (financial planning, estate planning, risk management, etc.). We then design the plan, develop the action steps for the plan, and can help execute the plan if the CFA® is too busy to do it themselves.

Don Duncan, the founder of D3 Financial Counselors, became a Chartered Financial Analyst® in 1992. D3 Financial Counselors’ experience includes managing institutional assets (mutual funds, collective trusts, separate accounts) at Northern Trust Company. We know first hand the time and investment constraints, and we know how to help CFAs with their financial planning needs.


Examples of Services Provided to Clients

Stock Options, RSUs and Deferred Compensation

Don CFA® had equity-linked compensation that requires special knowledge of the risk component and tax consequences. D3 has the skill sets necessary to help Don maximize his family’s after-tax income and wealth. Helping Don analyze his concentrated risk position resulted in lower taxes and lower overall risk in his portfolio.

Investment Limitations & Compliance Related Issues

Mary CFA® had limitations on her investment options due to compliance issues. Additionally, Mary did not allocate the appropriate amount of time to manage her own finances. D3 helped Mary analyze the risk characteristic for her personal portfolio on an hourly basis.

Several years later Mary decided to hire D3 Financial Counselors on a percentage of assets basis. D3 aligned her investments to meet her financial planning goals, monitors her investments daily, and provides her with CFA® compliant performance reports semi-annually.

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Retirement Cash Flow Projections

Kathy CFA® wanted to know if she could afford a vacation home, and retire early comfortably.  We ran several retirement cash flow projections, and helped her determine that she would have to maintain a part time consulting job during retirement. This helped her lower her risk in retirement because she did not have to rely solely on investment income to maintain her lifestyle.
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College Savings Analysis & Planning

Bob and Wendy, both CFAs, had just started a family and were wondering which college savings plan would be appropriate for their children.  They also wanted to know how much money they should be contributing, on an annual basis, to their children’s accounts. We designed an investment plan, and developed specific investment recommendations that save them hundreds of dollars in state taxes.
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Clarifying Tax Issues

Sue was seeking advice on how to invest a substantial inheritance, which included ownership in the stock of a small company.  We recognized a step up in the basis price of the stock from her inheritance that saved her over $150,000 in capital gains taxes.
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Liquidity Events

Chris CFA® had a successful firm and he was ready to sell his business. Many successful people experience liquidity events because eventually they sell part or all of their business. How it is done can significantly affect their after-tax wealth. We helped Chris structure the transaction as a sale of intellectual property which significantly increased his after-tax wealth.
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