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Why We Are Different

Our Business Model

  • We are an independent, fee-only, fiduciary, financial planning firm.
  • We are not affiliated with any other company, have no sales quotas, do not sell any products and accept no commissions.
  • Our business model is designed to avoid any conflict of interest between the advice we provide you and your goals regardless of your net worth.

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to reduce the uncertainty of your financial future and to increase the probability of achieving your goals.
  • We educate you on how to make smarter financial planning and investment decisions.
  • We focus on value for service, and demonstrate that the value of our service clearly exceeds the cost of our fees.

Personalized Financial Planning Service

  • We do not force you into a “one-size-fits-all” business relationship.
  • You tell us how we can best serve you, and we tailor our services to focus solely on those areas where you need help.
  • Our financial plans are easy to comprehend and implement because they are written and reviewed by CFPs; while other firms use a computer generated template.

Experienced Investment Advice

  • We design customized portfolios that revolve around your risk tolerance, and are specifically designed to help you achieve your unique goals.
  • We bring an institutionally-oriented investment focus to your individual situation.
  • Our unique institutional asset management experience includes managing billions of dollars in mutual funds, high net worth individual accounts and institutional funds at Northern Trust Company.

Our Team-Oriented Approach

  • Using a team approach, you receive the benefit of multiple professionals and multiple perspectives focused on helping you achieve your financial goals.
  • Each team member has areas of expertise and education that adds insight to your situation.

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