2018 Key Numbers

There are two major drags on the success of your financial plan: fees and taxes. Fees are necessary to get professional management and advice and usually average about 1.5%. You evaluate the value you get by paying fees at least annually. Taxes are a significantly bigger drag than fees. The lowest capital gains tax rate is 15% or ten times as much as the average advisor fee. If you can minimize the tax drag on your wealth accumulation and retirement drawdown strategies, you can significantly increase cash flow and family wealth. Click on this link to get the details of the 2018 tax law and how it may impact you.

D3 Comments on Market Volatility

We have been sharing with all of our clients for at least 6 months that a technical correction in this market was long overdue. Our primary indicator was that normal volatility in the market has been very subdued and abnormally low. The chart below shows how low downside volatility has been recently compared to history.

How to Make Your Emergency Fund Work for You

You’ve read our blog on establishing an emergency fund, understand why it’s important, and have even set aside that cash for a rainy day.  Now that your emergency fund has been established, here a few tips to make sure you are putting it to good use.

Most Passwords Are Easy to Guess. Do This Instead.

"You’re doing your passwords all wrong. So says the developer of the guidelines most internet users have been following for 15 years, anyway. Passwords that L00K l!ke tHi$ are actually much more susceptible to hacking than most people realize, says Bill Burr, former manager of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and author of the NIST’s 2003 recommendations for password management." In this article from the AICPA website, Bill Burr explains the type of passwords you should have that are more difficult to hack. Click here to continue reading this article.