Brett Spencer Earns Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) Designation
To Help Business Owners Retain & Maximize The Value From Their Business

Brett Spencer recently completed an executive MBA style course at the Chicago Booth School of Business to earn his CEPA designation from the Exit Planning Institute (EPI). The education for this designation is specifically focused on  helping business owners retain and maximize the value from their business. The courses were taught by  experts in Financial Planning, Business Valuation, Business Value Creation/Acceleration, Mergers & Acquisitions, Investment Banking, Private Equity Groups and Business Tax Experts.  The value that a CEPA holder brings to business owners is their comprehensive knowledge and training in the different options that the business owner can use to maximize the after tax wealth from their business.

Brett’s knowledge gained from earning the CEPA designation can help business owner clients  create more value from their business,  transfer more value to the owner(s), and  identify strategies to  prepare their business for a  future transfer. Even if an owner is not currently considering exiting their business, it is still important to plan so that the business owner can be prepared

If you know any business owners that need help maximizing the value of their business,  please contact D3 Financial Counselors to discuss how we can help.