Donald Duncan

Financial Counselor/Managing Director


Early in Don’s life he was involved in an automobile accident that severed his tongue. He endured numerous surgeries and spent many years in speech therapy striving to overcome this obstacle so that it would not become a handicap. Don uses his long term persistence and dedication of purpose to help clients overcome obstacles and achieve their life time goals.

During his 16+ years with Northern Trust, Don managed over $8 billion in various portfolios and served as a member of the division’s risk management team. Don is focused on being educated so that he can provide the best ideas to help clients achieve their goals. To this end, Don received his Certified Public Account (CPA) designation in 1985, earned his Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from DePaul University in 1987, and became a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) in 1992. In 1997, he earned the Certified Specialist in Estate Planning (CSEP) designation, and earned his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) designation in 2001. Don is also a NAPFA registered financial planner, and earns at least 30 hours of continuing education credits to stay current with financial planning topics, taxes and investments. With his strong convictions about education, Don taught Financial Planning at DePaul University and Portfolio Management at Lewis University.

Don is also a past Chairman of the Illinois Financial Planning Association, has served on the NAPFA Midwest Board and has served as Chairman of the Downers Grove Chamber of Commerce. Utilizing Don’s teaching and public speaking experience, D3 Financial Counselors also conducts customized seminars to business employees and association groups. Don lives in Downers Grove with his wife Cindi. He is an active member of the community. Don is focused on personal improvement by interacting with people, reading, and living new experiences. Recreationally, Don enjoys outdoor activities like backpacking, fishing, hiking, bike riding and traveling to new places.

Employee Spotlight: Don Duncan, Founder of D3


Why did you start D3 Financial Counselors?

There were three reasons:
  1. I always wanted to have my own business.
  2. I structured my education so that I could make good business decisions.
  3. I found a business where I could use my skill set to help people make smarter decisions, build a valuable enterprise and train young people to be successful. All things I enjoy doing.

What do you mean when you say you structured your education so that you could make good business decisions?

I wanted to be educated in all the major functions of business. So my undergraduate triple major was in Finance, Operations Management and Human Resource Management. My graduate degree started off in accounting and ended up in marketing. My work experience focused on portfolio management and process improvement.

Besides building D3, what do you like to do?

I enjoy being outdoors, walking, biking, hiking, fishing and in general soaking up nature. For my sixtieth birthday, my wife Cindi and I went rafting on the Rio Grande River in New Mexico.

Donald Duncan

Donald Duncan Rio Grande River, New Mexico


Tell us about your family.

I have 5 children. 2 from my first marriage and 3 from my second. They range from 31 to 24. The oldest is married and lives in Mexico, the next two oldest both live and work in the Chicago area and the youngest two are in the military. One is in the army and the other in the navy.

Duncan Family

Duncan Family

Duncan Family

Duncan Family

What is your long term plan for D3?

Because I enjoy so much helping people achieve their goals, I intend to do this as long as my brain remains sharp. At D3 we have established the infrastructure with younger planners and potential future business owner so that we can transition this business seamlessly whenever I decide to phase out.