Financial Planning Services

$O$ – Second Opinion Service

Some clients, needing financial planning advice in only a few areas, will choose only the topics that they find value in. For people who need topic-specific financial advice, like retirement planning or investment reviews, we offer a project-based consulting service at affordable rates. We meet with you at times that are convenient for you, and the hourly rate allows you to manage the cost. Our topic specific analysis allows us to provide recommendations for improving your financial situation that can be implemented immediately.

Retirement Cash Flow Projections
  • Includes projection of current and future cash flow needs.  Using our financial planning software, we are able to model cash flow needs through retirement to determine how much risk you need to take with your investment to achieve your short and long term goals.  This will help address the question “Do I have enough to retire?” and “How much do I need to save in order to retire?”
  •  This will also analyze the consequences of changing goals (i.e. retiring early, buying a vacation home, spending more during retirement, etc.).
  • Analysis performed by a CFP®

Retirement Cash Flow Projection Example

Tax Savings Analysis
  • This analysis will look at any potential short and long term tax savings strategies.
  • Analysis performed by a CFP®, and reviewed by a CPA.

Tax Savings Analysis Example

Pension/Social Security Analysis
  • Analysis of different pension options, and different Social Security planning strategies.
  • Analysis Performed by a CFP®

Pension Analysis Example

Social Security Analysis Example

Education Funding Analysis
  • This analysis will determine if you are on track to fund your children’s education goals.  We will recommend a plan to save enough for you children’s college goals.
  • Analysis Performed by a CFP®

Education Funding Analysis Example

Investment Analysis
  • If no retirement cash flow projection is prepared, we will make investment recommendations based on a risk profile questionnaire.
  • Our recommendations are focused on diversification and portfolio risk.
  • Investment recommendations are supplemented by in depth Morningstar analysis of individual funds, and side by side portfolio comparison.
  • Recommendations are prepared by CFP® / CIMA, reviewed by CFA®.

Investment Analysis Example

Life Insurance Analysis
  • Assessment of current life insurance needs, as well as assessment of appropriate insurance products.
  • Analysis performed by CFP®

Life Insurance Analysis Example

Broad Based Insurance Review
  • Broad based review of all insurance (with exception of life insurance).  This would cover analysis of disability, homeowners, liability, umbrella, and long term care insurance.
  • Analysis performed by CFP®

Insurance Review Example

Estate Plan Review & Outline
  • Assessment of current estate documents including wills, trusts, and powers of attorney.
  • If any documents need to be prepared or amended, we will draft an estate document outline which can be taken to an attorney, potentially saving hundreds of dollars in preparation expenses.
  • Analysis performed by CFP® & CSEP.

Estate Plan Review and Outline Example

GPS Financial Plan (Goal Planning Service)

For clients who solely want to see if they are on track to meet your retirement goals, D3 Financial Counselors offers our Goal Planning Service, or GPS.  Like a GPS, this service helps our clients determine where they are, and what steps they need to stake (changes in saving, spending, retirement dates and investment risk) to achieve their financial goals.  The plan also includes specific investment recommendations structured to achieve your unique retirement goals. We charge a flat one-time fee for this service. Click Here to view a sample of our GPS Financial Plan (Goal Planning Service).

Broad Based Financial Plan

The broad-based financial plan is designed for people who would like us to analyze every aspect of their personal finances. The plan typically requires 40 to 60 hours to prepare at a discounted price compared to our topic specific fees. Click Here to view a sample of our Broad Based Financial Plan.