Advanced Portfolio Management Service

Learn about D3 Financial Advanced Portfolio Management Service:

For people who are too busy to manage their own portfolios, or don’t have the desire to, D3 Financial Counselors has a team of dedicated CFA® and CIMA® certificants to manage and monitor their portfolio on a daily basis. We utilize a list of thoroughly researched mutual funds and exchange-traded funds, in addition to index funds, with a strategy consistent with your risk and return expectations. Portfolios are monitored daily with CFA® compliant performance reported semi-annually. Click here to view an example of a performance report. Additionally, assets are adjusted to anticipate market changes and when your needs change. We offer this service as a percentage of assets we manage for you, or on a fixed quarterly retainer basis.

Client Account Access

We provide convenient, secure account access. You can review your portfolio online and have 24/7 access to all of your important financial information and documents.

  • Access your financial information using military-grade encryption
  • Send and receive documents using our secure document vault
  • Access your financial information and documents from your mobile device, including an iPad
  • We will always keep you informed; our primary goal is to help you reach your goals

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