Medical Professionals

Medical Professionals

We understand the unique financial planning challenges that medical professionals face.  We have been recognized by MD Preferred Services as a Preferred Financial Advisor, have been named as a best financial advisor for doctors by Medical Economics, and are members of the Asclepius Group, a group of NAPFA advisors who have a significant portion of their practice dedicated to serving the financial advising needs of medical professionals. Because we have no investment minimums, we can help clients achieve their goals regardless of your net worth. Our clients have the flexibility to choose how they want to utilize our services, whether it is on an hourly, project, or asset management basis.

We help medical professionals by:

Helping organize, prioritize, and optimize their financial lives by understanding the important financial issues that they face throughout their careers.  These issues include:

  1. Less peak earning years than a typical career, requiring accelerated wealth accumulation as a practicing physician.
  2. The complicated, and evolving student loan landscape, including refinancing, income driven repayment plans, and loan forgiveness strategies.
  3. Maximizing tax savings opportunities for high income earners and business owners.
  4. Protecting assets and future income.


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Examples of Services Provided to Clients

Student Debt Payment Plan Options

Jim Resident had over $150,000 in student debt from medical school that he had to begin paying in 3 months. He was presented with several payment plans. Jim utilized D3 Financial Counselors’ hourly service to provide him with a recommendation for an initial payment plan (during residency), and long term payment recommendations (post residency) that would save him thousands of dollars of interest over the course of his loan.

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Financial Planning for Business Owners

Jane Physician has begun to profit from her successful practice. She is looking into retirement savings plans that will allow her to defer over $50,000/year pre-tax, while limiting her out of pocket contributions to her employees. She was also recently approached by a disability insurance salesperson that made a recommendation to offer a policy which looked expensive to her. She utilized D3 Financial Counselors’ on a project basis to analyze retirement plan options, and choose a plan to meet her goals. She also used us as second opinion to determine whether the proposed disability insurance plan was right for her.

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One-Stop Shop for Doctors and Dentists

Jane and John Dentist have met with D3 Financial Counselors in the past on an hourly basis. After following recommendations made in past meetings, they have accumulated a significant amount of assets, which they do not have the time or expertise to manage. Due to the ongoing complexities of running a business, they utilized D3 Financial Counselors’ Family Office Service, which served as a one-stop shop for all of their financial headaches.

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Outsourcing Day to Day Financial Headaches

Jerry and Jane wanted to retire in the south and not have to worry about analyzing every financial planning, investment, tax, or estate planning issue every time the laws changed. Also, they wanted someone to monitor and update their investments and financial plan as necessary. They hired D3 as their family office manager.

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Retirement Cash Flow Projections

Kathy wanted to know if she could afford a vacation home, and retire comfortably. We ran several retirement cash flow projections, and determined that she would have to maintain a part time job during retirement, earning a portion of her current wage to afford a vacation home.

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