Business Update

This update will be short and sweet due to the fact that not much has changed from last month.

Taxes for AFO Clients: We are currently working on taxes for our Affordable Family Office clients.  If you have not provided D3 with your tax information, please do so as soon as possible. You can mail them, drop them off at either office, or load them on to your client portal. Our goal is to have all client information by March 15th.

Todd Costigan, CPA will be assisting D3 during tax season. You may be receiving calls from him to clarify information regarding your tax returns.

Market Insight

2017, so far, is unfolding as we had expected. The groundwork is being laid for an infrastructure plan to stimulate the economy and corporate tax reform will also be a major emphasis. Both of these actions bode well for the stock market, but not so well for the bond market.

We had been expecting some market volatility, but that has not yet materialized. This may be due to President Trump’s focus on minimizing “trivial” issues. The key to sustained upward market movement will be an increase in economic growth both in the U.S. and the rest of the world.

Investment Strategy

We finished the internal review of our preferred investment list. We will be making some minor changes over the next month. As we shared last month, Fidelity has announced a new “Z share class” for a select group of mutual funds.  We will be switching to this new share class this week to reduce fund expenses.

This link will take you to our D3 Privacy Policy. Essentially, we do not disclose any of your information to anyone unless you direct us to or it required by law.

Thank you for letting us serve your financial planning and investment management needs.  Let us know if any of your friends or relatives have similar needs.