Individuals & Families

Individuals and Families

Individuals and families face many financial decisions that require them to allocate their resources (cash flow, investments, time etc.). Our responsibility as financial planners and investment advisors is to help you organize, prioritize and optimize your financial decisions. D3 Financial Counselors is unique in the market because we do not have a one size fits all mentality. You can use our skills and insights on an hourly basis, project basis, asset management basis or for our Affordable Family Office service.

We help individuals and families by:

  1. Reducing uncertainty with well-designed financial plans
  2. Maximizing after-tax wealth with insightful tax strategies
  3. Managing investment risk utilizing our institutional investment perspective


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Examples of Services Provided to Clients

Outsourcing Day-to-Day Financial Headaches

Jerry and Jane wanted to retire in the south and not have to worry about analyzing every financial planning, investment, tax, or estate planning issue every time the laws changed. Also, they wanted someone to monitor and update their investments and financial plan as necessary. They hired D3 as their family office manager.

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Allocating Retirement Assets and Organizing your Financial Life

Beth came to us with an extremely fragmented and complicated financial situation. She had 15 different accounts, which made it virtually impossible for her to properly allocate her retirement assets. We designed a financial plan, developed specific investment recommendations, and consolidated many of her accounts. This allowed her to gain control of her financial life! In addition to monitoring her investments on an ongoing basis, we perform many financial tasks throughout the year to ensure that her financial life remains organized, prioritized, and optimized.

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Portfolio Management for Working Individuals

Rich and Kathy, both employed on a full-time basis, realized that they did not have the time, nor the expertise, to manage the wealth they have accumulated over the years. They decided to utilize our wealth of experience in institutional investing and hired D3 for the Advanced Portfolio Management service. We worked with them to implement an investment strategy consistent with Rich and Kathy’s goals and risk tolerance.

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Portfolio Management for Retirees

Vern retired and wanted to make sure his portfolio generated enough income to fund his retirement goals. He realized that he needed help managing his portfolio, since he wanted to devote his time during retirement to other things he had always wanted to do. He hired us to manage a customized, income generating portfolio. He liked our model of having his investments custodied at a third-party institution, which offered online access to his portfolio, allowing him to view all the transactions in his portfolio on a daily basis.

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Estate Settlement and Liquidation

Jim’s father passed away and he and his siblings wanted to know how they could quickly distribute all of the assets according to their father’s trust provisions. We assisted Jim and his siblings by reading through the provisions and providing them with the action steps needed to transfer all assets from their father’s accounts to their own in a tax-efficient manner.

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College Savings Analysis & Planning

Bob and Wendy had just started a family and were wondering which college savings plan would be appropriate for their children. They also wanted to know how much money they should be contributing on an annual basis to their children’s accounts. We designed an investment plan and developed specific investment recommendations that save them hundreds of dollars in state taxes.

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Financial Planning To Help You Achieve Your Goals

Jim and Susan were wondering if they had accrued enough assets and pension payments to retire. They had a significant amount of credit card debt and student loans from their children’s tuition. They were unsure how to pay off the debt because most of their assets were held in IRA and 401(k) accounts, which would create a tax liability if the accounts were liquidated. We helped them organize and prioritize their debt payments to pay off their debt in a tax-efficient, timely manner. We also conducted a retirement cash flow analysis to determine that they had accumulated enough assets to enjoy a secure retirement.

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Providing Second Opinions on Investment Recommendations

David was unsure if his financial advisor had been recommending investments that were consistent with his long term goals. We reviewed the portfolio and concluded that his assets were being invested properly.

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Investment Portfolio Reviews for 401(k), 403(b), and IRA Accounts

Laura wanted to know if her 401(k) was properly invested. We reviewed the funds available to her in the plan and proposed a restructured portfolio that was that was better aligned to meet her goals.

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Mortgage Refinancing and Lump Sum payment Analysis

Jim was wondering whether he should take his pension in the form of an annuity or a lump sum payment. We conducted a cash flow projection analysis comparing the two choices to assist Jim in his decision.

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Retirement Cash Flow Projections

Kathy wanted to know if she could afford a vacation home and retire comfortably. We ran several retirement cash flow projections and determined that she would have to maintain a part time job during retirement, earning a portion of her current wage to afford a vacation home.

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Cash Management & Budgeting Consultations

Gary and Tina wanted to know if they could achieve their short term goals of buying a new house, putting their children into a private elementary school, and hiring a nanny without interrupting their long term goals of funding their children’s college tuition and saving enough money for retirement. We assisted them in budgeting their expenses and structured a plan to set aside an appropriate amount of money now and on an an ongoing basis for an emergency fund, education, retirement, and the down payment on a house.

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Clarifying Tax Issues

Sue was seeking advice on how to invest a substantial inheritance, which included ownership in the stock of a small company. We recognized a step up in the basis price of the stock from her inheritance that saved her over $150,000 in capital gains taxes.

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