For some accounts, you need to be responsible for the accuracy of the data.  For other accounts, it is D3’s responsibility.

How to know the difference:

There are basically three ways to add accounts onto your client portal:

  1. You establish the live Connection
  2. D3 establishes a live Connection through accounts that we manage
  3. D3 manually enters accounts on your behalf

To understand how your accounts have been added, login to your D3 client portal and click on Organizer at the top of page and then Accounts located in the left hand column to view a page similar to the following:

Accounts that you connected

Any time you see a financial institution’s logo, this is an account that you connected and you control. As long as the Connection remains active, these accounts wil update automatically. In the event the Connection breaks, you will need to re-connect it.  Here is an example of a connected account:

Accounts that D3 connected and manages

The following are examples of accounts that D3 added. Please do not add accounts in this area. We will maintain this Connection:

Accounts that were manually added (Affordable Family Office Clients only)

You may also see accounts that have be added manually by D3 with information that you provided. Since these accounts are not “connected”, D3 will need to update them on an annual basis during our plan update and/or insurance reviews. At that time, you will need to provide us with recent statements or policy information. Such manually entered accounts will appear as follows within your D3 client portal Organizer:

Watch for the following

Additional items that would need to be addressed to ensure accurate data would be warning messages that need attention. Two of the most common alerts and how to correct them appear as follows:

  1. Yellow yield icon:

In general, the yellow yield sign is alerting you to outdated information. Just hover over it with your mouse and it will instruct you what needs to be done.  One of the most common messages include when a financial institution changes their web site and thus breaking the Connection. Since D3 has no control over this situation, it is your responsibility to restore that Connection.

Yellow yield messages pertaining to D3 managed accounts are proactively monitored by D3 and are attempted to be resolved in a timely manner.

  1. Red yield icon:

The red yield typically occurs whenever a previous Connection has been disconnected. Whenever this occurs, there appears a convenient “click to fix” link to assist in re-establishing the link.  This will be your responsibility to re-establish.


To ensure accurate information within your D3 client portal, the following guidelines are recommended:

  1. Proactively maintain your Connections. Any changes that occur within your financial institution, like an update to your password, will not automatically transfer to your Client site.
  2. If you experience a Connection problem that you cannot resolve, please give our office a call for assistance.
  3. If you are an Affordable Family Office client, it is important to provide D3 with up to date statements and policies during annual plan updates and insurance reviews.