1. What is your background as an accountant and what drew you to pursue a career as a CPA?
I majored in Accountancy at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for both my bachelor’s and master’s degree. Prior to D3, I was a tax accountant at a large public accounting firm in their Oak Brook office. I originally pursued a career as a CPA because I didn’t know exactly what I would be doing at the end of my career, but knew that knowledge of accounting was transferable to many other areas of business and a good starting point.

2. Why did you choose to work at D3?
A lot of my work in public accounting was focused on large corporations. I chose D3 because the services provided help benefit families and individuals. It is more fulfilling for me to see the impact my work has for individual people, rather than the bottom line of a company’s financial statements. Also, given the wide range of services that D3 provides, I thought it would be a great place to learn new skills outside of my traditional tax work.

3. Do you have any pets?
I don’t currently have any pets of my own, but my roommate has a German Shepard named “Cash.” When our lease ends I think I will miss him too much and get a dog of my own.

4. What’s your favorite way to spend your weekends?
I’ve only lived in the city for a year, so I like exploring. I try finding new places to see a live band, comedy show, or try something new to eat.

5. What is one of your New Year’s resolutions?
I would like to read more.

6. What is your favorite activity to do in the city?
My favorite team is the Bears and I love going to games. I would love it even more if they would win games I attend…

7. Where are you from originally?
I’m from Indian Head Park in the southwest suburbs.

8. Tell us a little about your family.
My mom and dad (Liz and Brian) still live in Indian Head Park. My dad is enjoying retirement and my mom works part time at an elementary school and a library. My sister, Rachel, lives in San Antonio, Texas with her husband Patrick. The little guy in the picture is my cousin Nathan.


9. If you had to choose between beach or mountains, where would you retire?
Beach. I love Chicago, but I would gladly escape the cold winters.

10. What’s your favorite pizza place in the city?
The Art of Pizza in Lakeview