1. How did you find out about your position at D3?
I listed my resume on the Illinois CPA Society’s website, and Don Duncan found my resume and reached out to me about a potential position at D3.

2. Why did you choose to work for D3?
I was very interested in a position at D3 after speaking with Don about D3 and the details of the position he was looking to fill.  I recently completed my MBA and was looking for a career opportunity that would allow me to continue to learn while applying my previous education.   It was exciting to hear that I would be able to apply my MBA, CPA, tax preparation experience, and my undergraduate marketing degree to a position at D3, all while furthering my knowledge within the area of financial planning.

3. Why did you choose to become a CPA?
I always really enjoyed my accounting courses in undergrad, as I found accounting rather fun and it seemed to just make sense to me.  I also really liked math prior to college and found myself rather good at understanding money and the importance of saving.  After undergrad, I began my MBA and took my first graduate accounting course.  It was during my first semester in graduate school that I realized I should go for my CPA to leverage my career.  After this semester in graduate school, I took a break from the MBA program to work on the CPA exam.  After I finalized my CPA, I returned to finish my MBA, which I recently completed this past summer.

4. Why did you obtain an undergraduate degree in marketing?
I decided to major in marketing in undergrad due to my additional creative and strategic planning interests.  I considered advertising as a career, although I selected marketing because it required me to obtain a rather versatile business degree.  I decided to get a business degree so I could have more options in my career.

5. How did you meet your husband?
I met my husband, Steve, through mutual friends while on a group camping trip.  We both love the outdoors and first connected through our interests in camping.

Isabelle & Steve in Poland countryside

6. Where have you traveled?
I absolutely love traveling and experiencing different cultures.  My husband and I have took several amazing trips, we traveled to Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Ireland, Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and several places within the US.  My mother is from Poland and traveling to Poland was very special to me.  I visited Poland twice over the past couple years and reconnected with my relatives on my mother’s side.  It was very exciting for me to meet my Polish family in person for the first time and I have gained priceless experiences from doing this.

Isabelle & Steve in Warsaw, Poland
Isabelle in Prague

7. What pets do you have?
My husband purchased his childhood home from his parents.  When his parents lived in the house we live in now, they installed a koi fish pound in the back yard.  In this pond, we have several very large size koi fish and numerous gold fish.  In the inside of our house, we have two cats that we love dearly.  One is a 14 pound Snowshoe, which we ended up adopting from a shelter when we thought we were looking for a dog.  He is rather doglike and we haven’t reconsidered getting a dog since we brought him home.  We also more recently brought home a small Tuxedo cat who we ended up nicknaming “Little” because she is about half the size as our other cat.
Isabelle's cats
Isabelle's Koi Pond

8. What additional activities do you like to do in your free time?
I enjoy spending time with friends and family.  I also like traveling/sight-seeing and other outdoor activities, such as hiking, walking, skiing, camping, and bike riding.

9. What are some things you would like to learn or improve on?
After traveling to Poland, I really want to learn Polish to be able to communicate better with people in Poland and improve my intellectual skills.  I also would like to become better at golfing.

10. What is your main focus at D3 right now?
Currently, I am working on tax preparation and tax planning.  I have been working on assisting clients in finding the most tax advantageous strategies for their individual situations.  I am also looking forward to working on marketing efforts and financial planning.