For the fourth year in a row D3 Financial Counselors has been invited to attend the annual Barron’s Top Independent Advisors Summit. This is a best practice sharing event sponsored by Barron’s where leaders in the advisory community present. We summarize their presentations below:

Liz Ann Sonders, Chief Investment Strategist for Charles Schwab: Slow growth, being not to hot and not too cold is just the right temperature for U.S. economy. This is necessary to manage our way out of the structural imbalances we face (deleveraging).

Jeffrey Gundlach, Chief Investment Officer of DoubleLine Capital: Japan is winning the currency debasement race. Do not worry about inflation in the U.S. until we see wage growth and a significant increase in the labor participation rate.

David Kelly, Chief Global Strategist for JP Morgan Funds: Fundamentally the economy is improving and the improvement in the housing market will give the economy a boost because of housing’s multiplier effect. Energy renaissance in the U.S. means energy independence by 2025.

Bob Doll, currently chief equity strategist at Nuveen and formerly chief equity strategist at Black Rock: Long term investing in U.S. equities has tail winds. Deleveraging is nearly over for every sector except the government. The U.S. will become a low cost energy provider; thereby attracting global business and boosting the economy.

Don also compared notes with some of the other leading advisors around the country confirmed that D3 Financial Counselors, is still a low cost provider of high quality asset management and family office services. Additionally, no other firm has the D3 value proposition for financial planning SOS (Second Opinion Service).