Don Duncan attended the CFA Chicago distinguished speaker series with Rob Arnott, CEO of Research Affiliates and Brian Singer, CIO of Singer Partners, LLC. Mr. Arnott is best known for pioneering several unconventional portfolio strategies that are now being widely applied including tactical asset allocation, global tactical asset allocation, tax advantaged equity management and the Fundamental Index® approach to indexation. Prior to founding Research Affiliates, Mr. Arnott managed both First Quadrant, LP and was the founding president and CEO of TSA Capital Management (now part of Analytic investors, LLC). Mr. Singer was the former head of Global Investment Solutions and Americas CIO for UBS Global Asset Management, and was a member of the UBS Group Managing Board and Global Asset Management Executive Committee. Mr. Singer is a former board member and chair of the CFA Institute Board of Governors and co-wrote a landmark update to one of the pioneering studies on asset allocation, “Determinants of Portoflio Performance II: An Update” with Gary Brinson and Gilbert Beebower. For more information about the event please click here.