Things You Should Know:

We were correct in anticipating slower U.S. economic growth.  The U.S. grew at .6% in the fourth quarter, and is likely to remain close to zero for the next 3 to 6 months.   Investor uncertainty is creating volatility in the stock market, and we expect this to continue for the next few months.   However, the Federal Reserve has dropped short-term interest rates by 2.25%, to 3%, and the federal government has passed an economic stimulus plan, which will add about $150 billion in cash to the economy.  These are all positive actions to prevent a serious recession, but these actions take time to stimulate economic growth.


The market volatility is unnerving, but D3 Financial Counselors’ clients continue to take comfort knowing their portfolios are designed to weather financial market storms. Your portfolios are invested to achieve the long-term goals identified in your financial plans, and are diversified across different sectors of the stock and bond markets.  We take pride in focusing on the long-term, while also helping you control the amount of risk that you need to take with your investments.  Our focus on cash flow needs and managing risk continues to be a successful strategy.


D3 Financial Counselors LLC Update:

D3 was just selected to receive a 2008 Annual Award for Business Excellence from the The Business Ledger, the business newspaper for DuPage County.  The paper’s staff was impressed with our fee-based business model and our commitment to serving our clients unique needs.


Jenn Steinhaus just joined D3 in the middle of February.  She’s a junior at Downers Grove North High School, and she’ll be helping out with administrative work in the afternoons.


Thanks to the many clients who have stopped by our office to drop off their tax information.  For those clients still gathering their tax information, we’ll be calling to remind you in the next week or so.


Finally, we are required by the SEC to offer a current copy of SEC Form ADV, Part 2, to all of our current clients. This form describes our business practices, philosophy, and product offerings, as well as background information on our professional staff.  Please call or send us an e-mail if you would like to receive a copy.


As always, THANK YOU for your business.  If you know anyone who is concerned about their financial future, please feel free to  refer them to us.  We have included “in the black” business cards in case someone like you can benefit from our knowledge and experience.  Remember, we help people “Understand the economic consequences of their financial decisions”.


Donald D. Duncan MBA CPA/PFS CFA™ CFP®        Nancy Lencioni & Becky Connery

Peter Marchese MBA CFA™                                       Michael Meyers MBA CFP®