D3 Business Update:

We have finished reconciling your June 30th account statements, and we are currently generating your semi-annual performance reports.  Later this week, Patty will be calling you to schedule meetings towards the latter half of July and August.  Our agenda for these meetings is to discuss your financial plan update, and review your portfolio’s performance to make sure we are moving forward towards achieving your goals.  As it turns out, for the last few years, capital preservation and managing for cash flow needs have been the top priority and the toughest challenge.


We have two interns working with us this summer, Evan Plumb and Brad Schwer. Both are Finance majors from Illinois State University.  They may be answering the phone when you call.


Becky Connery has decided to pursue more flexible interests.  She may be doing some consulting with us going forward.


We have included your invoice for the third quarter. If you have authorized us to auto debit your account, you don’t need to do anything.  Otherwise, please write on the invoice your authorization for us to debit your account, or send us a check.


D3 Investment Outlook and Strategy:

Corporate earnings announcements have been mixed so far, with profits exceeding expectations, but revenue growth which has been disappointing.  As a result, investors are still uncertain as to what degree the U.S. economy is slowing down.  More company outlooks and upcoming economic data released in early August might provide the markets with more direction.  As a result, we are sticking with our viewpoint expressed earlier this month; “Because of all of this uncertainty, our conclusion is that the heightened volatility in the stock markets will continue throughout the summer.”   We continue to research investment products that implement alternative strategies designed to help reduce the volatility of client portfolios and increase the likelihood of positive cash flows.


Last But Not Least:

We look forward to our upcoming meetings with you, and thank you for allowing us to help you navigate through these uncertain times.


Donald D. Duncan MBA CFA™ CPA CFP®               Adam Glassberg, Financial Planner

Peter Marchese MBA CFA™                                       Patty Shipinski, Administration

Michael Meyers MBA CFP®