D3 Business Update:

We are reviewing our Asset Allocation Models: We are incorporating viewpoints from economists, fund companies, strategists and other pundits to help us determine if we need to change our asset allocation models for 2014.  If we see opportunities to emphasize a particular asset class, we will let you know early in January.


Estimated Tax Update:  The IRS has determined that tax season will not start until January 31, 2014. We anticipate that we will all become painfully aware of the 2013 increase in tax rates ome April 2014.


Investment Outlook:

The economy continues to plod along and as a result interest rates will rise and corporate profits should continue to rise (and therefore stock prices but probably not as much as 2013). Listed below are some financial statistics.


U.S. Gross Domestic Product grew 4.1% in the 3rd quarter of 2013.

S&P 500 was up 29% in 2013.

Germany’s, DAX index was up 26% in 2013.

France’s CAC-40 index was up 18% for the year.

London’s FTSE 100 index was up 14% for the year.

The Aggregate U.S. bond index was down 1.43% in 2013 (10 year treasury rates went from 1.76% to 3.03%).

The Emerging Markets index was down 3.8% in 2013.

The Gold index was down 28% in 2013.


Investment Strategy:

We continue to look for undervalued opportunities that fit into the risk/reward requirements of your financial plan. We will not look to chase risk, but will focus on where it is appropriate base on your financial plan.



You all should have received our client appreciation gift certificates.  Please give them to someone like you, who you think can benefit from our insightful, professional, financial planning expertise.


Happy New Year!


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