D3 Financial Counselors Update:

The new year has been busy for us.  We have reviewed our investment asset allocation models and have made some minor changes to capture some of the gains generated in 2006 and emphasize the areas we think will out perform in 2007.

To summarize the major changes, we have lowered our exposure to international assets and decided to formalize our exposure to real (commodity type) assets.  The most recent research indicates that by adding this asset class (commodities) to a portfolio, over longer investment horizons, returns go up and risk goes down.

We have reconciled your portfolios and we are currently running your performance reports.  We anticipate having those completed by the end of January.   We will be calling you to set up a meeting to go over your portfolio’s performance, asset allocation and hopefully gather your tax information.

We have grown big enough to where we had to register D3 Financial Counselors with the Securities and Exchange Commission.  You can find us on the web by using: //www.adviserinfo.sec.gov/IAPD/Content/IapdMain/iapd_SiteMap.aspx

Related to our registration as an investment advisor, we annually need to provide you with our Form ADV (a summary of how we do our business) and our privacy policy (we do not disclose any information about you to anybody unless you tell us to).  We have included both of those documents with this mailing.

Last but not least, you should know that because of our growth, we have raised our prices in 2007 for new clients.  We are maintaining your fees at the same level as 2006.

Dennis will be taking the 7 hour CFP exam in March.  Keep your fingers crossed.  Just to make the exam a little more challenging, he and his family are also going on a mission trip to Mexico in February.  We commend him and his family for this effort.

Just to remind you, we have included the summary of what we do for our Comprehensive Service Clients throughout the year.  If you do not want to keep this, give it to a friend or relative along with the $25 off coupon we gave you at Christmas.


Things You Should Know:

In our last news letter we stated, “Traders taking capital gains in the new-year may be a possible bump in the road in January, but if the world economy keeps humming along and terrorism can be contained, we would view this as a buying opportunity.”  We continue to look for the bump in the road but it hasn’t materialized yet.   As a result we continue to focus on rebalancing portfolios.

As always, thank you for your business.


Donald D. Duncan MBA CPA CFA™ CFP®                                     January 18, 2007

Dennis Gravitt  Financial Advisor                            Nancy Lencioni & Becky Connery