Happy Holidays All! Hopefully you don’t mind if this update has a Christmas orientation.

Market Assessment:

  1. The Fiscal Cliff looks more and more like a kick the can down the road scenario. We anticipate minor changes will be attempted next week with bigger efforts coming in the New Year.
  2. Unfortunately, politicians control the near term outlook for the markets. We may see more volatility next week than we have had all year. This may be a repeat of the TARP debate in 2008 or the debt ceiling debate in 2011. Hopefully they are willing to compromise and something gets done rather than giving everyone a lump of coal.
  3. Depending on what happens between now and New Year’s Eve, it looks like stocks will end up the year with at least 10% gains and bonds look to gain at least 2% for the year.


D3 Business Update:

  1. We have implemented most all of our year-end tax strategies where it was appropriate for your unique situation
  2. As I shared with many of you, Greg Binder, will not be reviewing and signing tax returns for our family office clients in 2013. D3 currently has too many family office clients and he cannot dedicate the appropriate time to service you. We have established a working agreement with another CPA in Chicago. Our procedure will be the same as last year; where we collect the tax information for our family office clients, process it and have it reviewed and filed. The only difference may be due to the “Fiscal Cliff” negotiations; tax season deadlines may be altered.  After mid- January we will send out your tax organizer.
  3. Later in January, after we reconcile your accounts, we will start to generate your performance reports. Once completed we will notify you that they are loaded on your portal.
  4. We formally unveiled our hourly financial planning SOS (second opinion service). Our unique proposition is that these hourly clients determine if we have earned our fees.  If you have family, friends, relatives or co-workers that have financial questions, we have the answers. Have them give Don or Adam a call to see if we can help. (Maybe a good holiday gift or a New Year’s resolution).


Everybody have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Celebrate safe and rest assured we are keeping watch over your finances.


Don Duncan MBA CPA CFA™ CFP®                    Neil LeFort, MBA J.D. CPA

Michael Meyers MBA CFP®                                   Patty Shipinski, Office Manager

Adam Glassberg CFP® CIMA®                              Ryan Pace, Financial Planner


We serve our clients by providing Integrity, Trust, Wisdom and Confidence.