Business Update:

Affordable Family Office Client Plan Updates and Performance Reports:  We are nearly finished updating your financial plans. Your updated plan and performance reports are on your client portal. Please call Patty to set up an appointment to review your updated plan and your semi-annual performance reports.

Advance Portfolio Management Client Performance Reports: Your performance reports are on your client portal. Please give Patty a call to set up an appointment to review your portfolio performance reports.

If anyone is having any issues logging onto or navigating your new client portal, please give the office a call. Any of our staff will be able to assist you.

D3 is sponsoring the Downers Grove Art Festival on September 10th and 11th: If you are looking for some original artwork or jewelry come check out this art show. D3 Financial Counselors is the presenting sponsor. Below is a link with pertinent information:

Downers Grove Fine Arts Festival September 12-13, 2015 | Downtown Downers Grove

Kirsten passed the CFP® exam last Friday. Once she completes the 2-year experience requirement in January, she will be able to put the CFP® credential behind her name.  The next time you talk to Kirsten congratulate her for her hard work.

Market Insight:

July was a good month for equities. The S&P 500 was up approximately 3% during the month. Small Cap stocks were up nearly 5% and International Markets were up between 3% and 4%.  Still everyone says they are concerned about the U.S. presidential election.

Why is everyone concerned about the election?  It is the ever pervasive uncertainty issue. We are hearing that the uncertainty impact on the economy and therefore the stock market is as follows:

  1. Corporations are less willing to invest before the election due to uncertainty.
  2. Investors are less willing to invest before the election due to uncertainty.

The uncertainty stems from the potential policies the presidential winner will emphasize. It appears that Trump’s policies would cut taxes and increase spending.  This could lead to higher interest rates and bigger budget deficits. Clinton’s policy focus appears to be on infrastructure spending.  This could potentially lead to higher taxes.

The reality is, that the economy and the markets have moved forward for the past 7 years despite how ineffective our government has been. Further evidence of this came out this morning with the Labor report where U.S. companies added 255,000 jobs.

We anticipate the U.S. economy will still move forward regardless of who becomes President because the most likely scenario is that our government will still be ineffective.  Our slow growth, fragile economy thesis remains intact.

Investment Strategy:

As you all know, our long term perspective drives our investment thesis.  Our investment thesis remains slow, steady yet fragile economic growth. We look forward to reviewing your portfolio performance in the context of your goals during August and September.

Final Thoughts:

As always, thank you for your confidence in D3 and please keep us in mind when your neighbors, friends and relatives ask if you know a trusted advisor that focuses on helping people achieve their goals.