D3 Financial Counselors Update:

We have completed tax season.  Thank you for getting all of your information to us on time.  Per your suggestions, next year we will send out an organizational reminder.

In addition to working on taxes, we’ve spent the last two months reviewing all of the mutual funds in Fidelity’s super market. We have identified what we believe are the best performing, no-load, low cost, passive and actively managed funds.  We will be shifting out of underperforming funds into our “Preferred List”, in accordance with your risk model over the next 3 months.

With the market at or near 6 year highs, the timing is right to reposition into better investments.  As always we will try to mitigate tax consequences in taxable accounts.

We continue to expand our staff.  Michael Myers has registered with us as a part time financial planner.  Mike has his CFP designation and his MBA from the University of Chicago.  We will be adding additional staff in late May.

Our move to Charles Place in downtown Downers Grove gets closer by the day.  The foundation is poured and we are targeting November 2007 as our intended move.


Things You Should Know:

In our last newsletter we stated, “Traders taking capital gains in the new-year may be a possible bump in the road in January, but if the world economy keeps humming along and terrorism can be contained, we would view this as a buying opportunity.”  It appears the bump in the road occurred in late February and is now only a fleeting memory.  The market indexes have rebounded to 6 year or all time highs.

This is an important corporate earnings season and more than likely will determine the course of the market for the remainder of this year.  Assuming earnings continue to be strong and earnings outlooks positive, we look for positive market returns.  The housing wildcard may not be as negative as people believe.

We have included our client update questionnaire.  For our comprehensive clients, this is used to update your financial plan.  For all of our other clients, please review this form, fill it out and return it to help us serve you better.

We have included your second quarter invoice.  If you have already authorized us to automatically deduct the fees (we noted this on your invoice), please just send back the questionnaire.  If you have not authorized automatic fee deduction and you want to, please indicate so on the invoice and send it back to us.

As always, thank you for your business and think of us when your friends or relatives need to “understand the economic consequences of their financial decisions”.


Donald D. Duncan MBA CPA/PFS CFA™ CFP®                               April 17th, 2007

Dennis Gravitt  Financial Advisor                            Nancy Lencioni & Becky Connery