Corporate Executives


Corporate Executives

Corporate executives are often too time constrained to pay adequate attention to their own personal finances. In the business world, they often delegate tasks to other experts to help accomplish their goals. In many situations, they have unique compensation arrangements and complicated tax situations. D3 Financial Counselors has first-hand experience helping corporate executives balance their personal time constraints with the desire to allocate time to managing their personal finances.

We help corporate executives by:

  1. Focusing on integrating where possible strategic personal goals with corporate goals
  2. Understanding how to maximize the after-tax wealth of their current and potential compensation
    package and legitimately minimizing taxes
  3. Providing technology that gives them the flexibility to access their financial situation anywhere, anytime, on their schedule


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Examples of Services Provided to Clients

Outsourcing Financial Headaches

Jim and Jane are corporate executives who focus their time on managing their careers and maximizing family time. They are successful partly because they are smart enough to realize what they are good at and what they need professional help with. They hired D3 as their affordable family office managers.

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Portfolio Management for Employees

Rich and Kathy, both employed on a full-time basis, realized that they did not have the time, nor the expertise, to manage the wealth they had accumulated over the years. They decided to utilize our wealth of experience in institutional investing and hired D3 for the Advanced Portfolio Management service. We worked with them to implement an investment strategy consistent with Rich and Kathy’s goals and risk tolerance. We incorporated their 401ks, stock options and deferred compensation plans into their overall asset allocation and portfolio management.

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Estate Planning For Legacy Intentions

Mark and Amanda were wondering how they could reduce or eliminate the cost and headache of estate taxes and probate for their future beneficiaries. We assisted them in updating their wills and other estate documents. We also recommended that they establish trusts that would help Mark and Amanda avoid probate and reduce the potential estate taxes when their assets will be transferred to their beneficiaries.

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Retirement Cash Flow Projections

Kathy wanted to know if she could afford a vacation home and retire comfortably. We ran several retirement cash flow projections and determined that she would have to maintain a part time job during retirement, earning a portion of her current wage to afford a vacation home.

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College Savings Analysis & Planning

Bob and Wendy had just started a family and were wondering which college savings plan would be appropriate for their children. They also wanted to know how much money they should be contributing on an annual basis to their children’s accounts. We designed an investment plan and developed specific investment recommendations that save them hundreds of dollars in state taxes.

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Providing Second Opinions on Investment Recommendations

David was unsure if his financial advisor had been recommending investments that were consistent with his long term goals. We reviewed the portfolio and concluded that his assets were being invested properly.

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Portfolio Investment Reviews for 401(k), 403(b), and IRA Accounts

Laura wanted to know if her 401k was properly invested. We reviewed the funds available to her in the plan and proposed a restructured portfolio that was that was better aligned to meet her goals.

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Pension Analysis and Mortgage Refinancing

Jim was wondering whether he should take his pension in the form of an annuity or a lump sum payment and which survivor benefits to choose. We conducted a cash flow projection analysis, comparing the many choices to assist Jim in his decision.

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