Security and Continuity

You Need to Know How D3 Provides Security of Client Funds and Protects Client Information

At D3 Financial Counselors, we believe the most important component of the relationship with our clients is trust. You cannot provide trust without protecting client data. We take this very seriously at D3. We use a third-party custodian for all our client’s assets. This limits any employee from having access to client funds. A partner level manager reviews all client transactions on a daily basis. We use government level encryption to access any of the files we maintain for our clients. We use 2 factor authentication methodologies to access our portfolio management and trading applications. Additionally, for our highest level of service, we provide identity theft protection for those clients.

You Need to Know Why it is Important to Have a Team Working For You With Areas of Expertise

At D3 Financial Counselors, we believe that our clients benefit most from an integrated approach to their financial future. For this reason, we build teams of financial planners that have areas of expertise so they can apply their expertise to help our clients achieve their financial goals. Developing areas of specialty allows D3 to build economies of scale, and it gives our planners the highest likelihood of success by pursuing the areas of interest they find most motivating. Our FPMD program is how we train motivated planners. Our motivated planners with their credentials and areas of expertise can be seen our meet the team page.

You Need to Know that D3 Has a Clearly Defined Succession & Continuity Plan

At D3 Financial Counselors, we strive to develop life-long relationships. In many cases those relationships may be intergenerational. We have developed a succession and continuity plan called our Financial Planning Management Development Program (FPMD). The FPMD program is designed to transition ownership of the firm by integrating junior planners in the financial planning process, learn each client’s unique situation, and learn to manage staff. From a client’s perspective, this helps answer two very important questions: Who will be working with me several years from now, and how will the firm continue operating if a key member of D3 were to be unable to work due to death or disability?

You Should Know How That Succession & Continuity Plan Operates and Why it Benefits You

We believe that our four level FPMD program, ending with an opportunity to participate in the growth of the firm though ownership, makes a career at D3 more than just a “stepping stone” to a new opportunity. We believe this career path will attract the best talent that the financial planning industry has to offer and will train them to be the best financial planners serving D3 clients.


The program is outlined as follows:

Level 1 Junior Financial Planner/Trainee, Approximately 3 Years
  • Introduction to all financial planning services provided to clients
  • Learn to supervise staff
  • Manage one or more of D3 client service processes
  • Obtain a CFP designation
Level 2 Financial Planner/Supervisor, Approximately 2 years
  • Focus other specialty skills such as portfolio management, tax planning, insurance, etc.
  • Manage staff
  • Obtain additional professional designations (if desired)
  • Learn to market D3 Services
Level 3 Senior Financial Planner/Manager, Approximately 2 years
  • Oversee all D3 client service processes
  • Market D3 Services
  • Train additional D3FPMD program participants
Level 4 Financial Counselor/Branch Manager and Partner
  • Manage branch and oversee all client service processes
  • Purchase equity in D3