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We have a wide bundle of services for individuals, families, professionals and business owners. The table below compares the three major categories of services we provide; Financial Planning, Portfolio Management, and Wealth Management. These bundles of services are designed to serve the most frequent needs expressed by our clients.  We can also customize our services based on your unique needs. On the left side of the table, click on text in blue to see specific examples of the service provided.

Financial Planning

Wealth Management

Second Opinion Service ($O$)

Goal Planning Service (GPS)

Broad Based Financial Plan (BBP)

Accelerator Program (ACCE)

Affordable Family Office (AFO)

Ideal Application Clients who either have questions on a variety of topics they need answered or need a second opinion on a major financial decision. Clients who are not yet retired and would like to see if they are on the right track towards achieving their financial goals. Want an easy comparison of scenarios and the analysis. Clients who want to remove uncertainty and provide a roadmap for all aspects of their financial life. Do not desire professional portfolio management. Young professionals looking to outsource financial planning & investment management. On track for $1mm of investable assets in 10 years or less. Clients who need or prefer professional guidence and advice in their financial life. Would like to have D3 on retainer for assistance from a completely holistic perspective.
Timeline Timeline Timeline Timeline Timeline
Topic-Specific Financial Planning Hourly fee to use on any below topics 4 flex hours hours/year to use on any of below topics As needed
Budget Development & Analysis Included Included First Year Annual
Debt Repayment & Savings Prioritization Included Included Annual
Net Worth Review Included Included First Year Annual
Retirement Planning and Multiple Scenario Analysis Included Included First Year Annual
Emotional Risk Tolerance Assessment Included Included Annual Annual
Asset Allocation Recommendation Included Included Ongoing Ongoing
Current Year Tax Reduction Strategies $500 Included First Year Annual
Long Term Tax Planning & Tax Efficient Portfolio Withdrawal Strategies $1,500 Included Annual
Real Estate Analysis $500 Included Annual
Social Security Claiming Strategies $500 Included First Year Annual
Pension Claiming/Lump Sum Analysis $500 Included Annual
Education Planning Recommendations $250 Included First Year Annual
Insurance Analysis & Review $250 Included Annual
Estate Plan Analysis and Review $500 Included Annual
Tax Optimized Investment Recommendations $1,500 Included Ongoing Ongoing
Investment Recommendations Incorporating Retirement Plan with Limited Options $500 Included Ongoing Ongoing
Inclusion of Held Away Retirement Account (401k, 403b, Annuity, Deferred Compensation) $500 Included Yes Yes
Tax Preparation Annual Annual
Implementation & Monitoring of Investments Ongoing Ongoing
Portfolio Rebalancing Ongoing Ongoing
Implementation of Tax Loss Harvesting Ongoing Ongoing
Implementation of Tax Gain Harvesting Ongoing Ongoing
Performance Reporting Semi-Annual Semi-Annual
Client Portal Access No Limited Limited Unlimited Unlimited

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