D3 Service Comparison Chart

 $O$ (Hourly Second Opinion Services)
Specific Topics
GPS (Goal Planning Service)
Broad Based Financial Plan
Advanced Portfolio Management
Performance Example
Affordable Family Office
Services Included
Financial Plan Example
Performance Example
Topic-Specific Financial Planning to suit your needs
Cash and Debt Management
Financial Statement Analysis
Education Planning
Insurance Analysis
Cash-Flow Based Retirement Planning and Analysis
Goal-based Retirement Planning and Analysis
Estate Plan Analysis and Review
Income Tax Planning
Annual Tax Preparations
Risk Tolerance/Investment Planning
Portfolio Rebalancing
Performance Reporting
Daily Investment Management
Meeting FrequencyAs RequestedMinimum 2 meetingsMinimum of 4 meetingsMinimum of 2 meetings per year.Unlimited Meetings
Ideal ApplicationFor those who have questions on a variety of topics they need answered or need a second opinion on a major financial decision.For clients who are not yet retired and would like to see if they are on the right track towards achieving their financial goals. Want an easy comparison of scenarios and the analysis.For clients who want to remove uncertainty and provide a roadmap for all aspects of their financial life. Do not desire professional portfolio management.Clients who already have a financial plan and solely prefer to outsource professional construction and day to day management of their portfolio.Clients who need or prefer professional guidence and advice in their financial life. Would like to have D3 on retainer for assistance from a completely holistic perspective.
Fee$250/HourOne Time Fixed Price Based on Discounted Hourly RatesOne Time Fixed Price Based on Discounted Hourly Rates.5% of assets under management with an annual minimum1.0% of assets under management with an annual minimum

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