Business Owners


Business Owners

A business owner’s primary focus is running a successful business. Successful business owners often recognize that they are not experts in all areas and may have to outsource non-core competencies. Business owners ultimately choose how much control they have of their business.

We help business owners by:

  1. Business owners can choose how much, or how little, they want to utilize D3 Financial Counselors’ expert services. We can assist you with financial planning, tax strategies, estate planning and portfolio management.
  2. D3 Financial Counselors is a small business with over 20years of experience in the issues facing all business owners. From employee benefits to wealth maximization, D3 can consult with business owners to help them achieve their long-term goals.
  3. Ultimately a business owner needs to plan for an orderly exit from the business to maximize the wealth they have created for themselves and/or their family. D3 help business owners make plans to preserve the success they have created.


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Examples of Financial Planning Services Provided to Clients

Outsource Day to Day Financial Headaches
Andrew was focused on growing his business revenue by 25% per year. He was working 60 hours per week while his wife was taking primary responsibility for the children’s activities. Andrew needed someone to focus on his family’s financial goals with a perspective on maximizing his wealth through his business. Andrew hired D3 on a retainer basis to help him achieve these goals. The first year we saved him $60,000 in taxes.

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New Business Formation & Analysis
Rick came in seeking a second opinion on the legal formation of his business. We educated him on the tax consequences of pass through entities and compared them to LLC’s to help him make an educated decision on how to set up his business.

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Tax and Benefit Planning for Business Owners
Jane, the owner of a small business, was looking to implement a retirement plan for her business with the goal of maximizing her contributions, while controlling the cost of employer-matching contributions. We explored many simple and complex options to help her achieve her goal. After discussing the pro’s and con’s of each option with her, we suggested a retirement plan that would save enough money in taxes to cover all employer matching contributions. We then recommended to Jane a firm that specializes in the design, management, and administration of company retirement plans to help her implement the plan that would achieve her goal.

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Business Disposition and Retirement Strategy
Jim sold his business and was seeking the services of an advisor with a family office model, which offers financial planning, estate planning, tax preparation, and portfolio management services. He wanted the firm to serve as a “quarterback” for all financial aspects of his life so he could concentrate his time on new ventures and philanthropic activities. Because we have the experience necessary to take a holistic view of Jim’s situation, he hired us to work with his lawyer, accountant, and insurance agent to ensure that his financial goals are being met.

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Retirement Cash Flow Projections
Kathy, a successful business owner, wanted to know if she could afford a vacation home and retire early comfortably. We ran several retirement cash flow projections and helped her determine that she would have to maintain a part time consulting job during retirement. This helped her lower her risk in retirement because she did not have to rely solely on investment income to maintain her lifestyle.

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Liquidity Events
John had a successful firm and he was ready to sell his business. Many successful business owners experience liquidity events because eventually they sell part or all of their business. How it is done can significantly affect their after-tax wealth. We helped John structure the transaction as a sale of intellectual property which significantly increased his after-tax wealth.

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