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October 2017 Client Update

Business Update Contract Update: We are finalizing the necessary modifications to our client contracts as a result of the changes made by the Department of Labor Rule (DOL) and How it Impacts D3 Clients. We will be sending out letters to all clients in the latter half of October and early November that will update…Continue Reading

September 2017 Client Update

Business Update Contract Update In our June newsletter, we made note of the changes made by the Department of Labor Rule (DOL) and How it Impacts D3 Clients. We mentioned that “in addition to increased documentation, there may be some contract and disclosure requirements that we will need to comply with.” After working with SEC contract…Continue Reading

July 2017 Client Update

Business Update Plan Update & Performance Reviews We continue to work on our Affordable Family Office clients’ financial plan updates.  Our focus for the plan updates is to determine if there are any course adjustments needed based upon changes in your savings, spending, and net worth.  In addition, we are looking to add value through long-term tax…Continue Reading

June 2017 Client Update

Business Update What is the Difference between a Financial Plan and Financial Planning? A financial plan is a static point-in-time view of your financial position, whereas financial planning is an ongoing, dynamic process that helps to keep your financial plan on track. At D3, we do financial planning. This is why we do an annual…Continue Reading

May 2017 Client Update

Business Update Taxes are Complete: With the help of Todd Costigan, CPA, we completed all of our Affordable Family Office (AFO) client’s taxes on time.  Four items of note: Todd has joined D3 as an employee and works Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout most of the year. Please introduce yourself to him when he answers the phone.…Continue Reading

How to Ensure Accurate Data in Your D3 Client Portal

For some accounts, you need to be responsible for the accuracy of the data.  For other accounts, it is D3’s responsibility. How to know the difference: There are basically three ways to add accounts onto your client portal: You establish the live Connection D3 establishes a live Connection through accounts that we manage D3 manually…Continue Reading

Enhanced Security Coming to Your D3 Client Portal

As you may know, we recently added 2-Factor Authentication to your D3 Client Portal. While you’ve had the option to skip enrollment up to this point, in order to maintain the security of your personal data, we will require the use of 2-Factor Authentication for all clients starting on June 13. This change is an important…Continue Reading

April 2017 Client Update

Business Update Taxes for AFO Clients: We are nearly done working on taxes for our Affordable Family Office clients. Every year they seem to be more complicated and record keeping becomes more onerous. Later this month we will be emailing everyone a tax organizer to help you keep track of tax deductible expenses. Todd Costigan,…Continue Reading

March 2017 Client Update

Business Update This update will be short and sweet due to the fact that not much has changed from last month. Taxes for AFO Clients: We are currently working on taxes for our Affordable Family Office clients.  If you have not provided D3 with your tax information, please do so as soon as possible. You…Continue Reading

February 2017 Client Update & Performance Reports Available on Portal

Business Update: Portfolio Performance Reports Available on Your Portal: We have finished reconciling all client portfolio performance reports and have uploaded them to the “performance reports” folder in the vault section of your client portal. Please read the Market Insight section below for a brief summary of 2016 market performance. Sharon Wallyn, our new administrative assistant…Continue Reading